Perform For Tips – Thursday Venue – Athens

Openings for local artists – close to 5 minutes from UGA

“Anything Can Happen Thursday” – Athens, GA 7-10PM

You keep 100% of your tips for your (50 minute) set

All genres considered, including:

-Performance art

Hey. I recently relocated my production business to the area and want to share the stage with like minded talent. Unconventional and original content is highly encouraged. This is not a 21+ venue, alcohol will not be served. Drug free environment. Most R rated content uncensored (you’re free to say “fuck” on stage). This is not a church building.

Decisions are based on professionalism and your amazing content, NOT your social media popularity, local draw, or stage experience. Underprivileged outcasts are strongly encouraged. Be prepared to promote your material on stage and to ask for tips. Additional donations may also be collected for the general fund. Skilled volunteers are welcome to help with sound and other production support.

Here’s what I can provide:

I pay for the stage rental and other resources and it’s free to apply and participate
I typically produce the opening set, and sometimes accompany acts when needed
We try to live stream the events on platforms like SessionsLive and more
When available, audio/video recordings posted
Microphones, amps, drums, and pianos available for most performers
Free parking

Here’s what I need:

Your amazing talent
Phone call interview, or video chat
Audio or video samples
Social media promotion (or whatever works to get the word out)
Bring your awesome friends, your loser friends, and your mom
Your own tip jar to collect donations
Solo artist or group leader needs to plan to arrive before 6:30PM

I can’t wait to hear what you can do!

Fake Zappa

AKA Jason T Ingram

Multimedia Artist and Mental Health Activist


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