Part Time PR/Publicity Wizard – Position Available

Public relations and publicity work needed for small production business

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My name is Jason T. Ingram and I do production work out of my Athens based studio: mostly digital media. I’m currently running some marketing campaigns for some of my products and activism work and need a confident, outgoing PR Guru to help generate some publicity for some recent projects.
Pay is mostly commission, based on the potential reach and the types of the pieces that get published. Hourly pay is available for OJT and during supervised work, in addition to commissions (and bonuses for being your awesome self). Hourly starts at $22/hr. and is negotiable based on experience and performance.
You must be willing to work with a moderately functioning mentally ill artist, and should have an affirming view about the LGBTQ community. Experience in diversity training and mental health is a bonus, but most importantly, a background in public relations and publicity is essential. You should also be willing to be on camera as I document a lot of my work that may end up in future projects.
Foreign language skills and marketing is also awesome! Be willing to communicate openly and have fun!

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Here are some examples of the themes of our work:
Experimental performance art and music
Crude and rude comedy and satire
Mental health activism
Mindfulness and meditation products
LGBTQ issues
University students are very encouraged to apply, and college credit may be available as well
Sorry, but benefits are not available as this position is considered “contract” work and hiree will be responsible for their own taxes and healthcare

2 thoughts on “Part Time PR/Publicity Wizard – Position Available

  1. Hello,
    My name is Daniel Davis and i am currenlty a chemical dependency proffesional counselor, CDP, in Washington.
    I habe been a counselor simce 2015, post graduate from Clark College.
    I deal with a diverse population in the addiction counseling field that enables myself to be very fluent in utilizing counseling orientation skills with individuals with metal health diagnosis’s. I in fact facilitated a dyal diagnosis group at my previous employer, that dealt with teaching patients how to manage their addiction and mental health with the importance of knowing what tje relapse triggers are for both addoction and mental health.
    Additionally, my girlfriend of a year and a half has bipolar. Ptsd, anorexia. Anxiety, and at one point was declared mental unstable to a diagnosis of legal insane. But through her proper medication and counseling has learned to manahe through the symptoms.
    Therefore, i feel that i could be a good fit for this position due to my expefience in mental health and working in a profession that is ever changing in the multicultural population i serve.
    Please consider myself for the position as i feel that i could be an asset to your company and deliver the diversity you need in the population youbserve.
    Thank You
    Daniel Davis CDP


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