I need a personal assistant.


Hi, my name is Jason, and I do multimedia work and activism (about harmful mental health practices, including my experiences surviving forms of “conversion” therapy). I’d like to hire some part-time help for my production business I started in 2017, to market some of my work, and hopefully get off of social security disability.


I have come to realize that my lack of exposure doesn’t match my potential to contribute to the world of arts and entertainment. A lot of things have stood in my way over the years, and most of my roadblocks have been health related. As I recover from trauma-related illnesses through wellness, self-care practices, along with conventional mental health treatments, I have been able to accomplish some larger projects in recent years.



I’ve been lucky to hire some talented and dedicated musicians, and unfortunately have reached a place in my career that has made it counterproductive to produce public events (and most public appearances) because of environments that can be commonly unsafe for people living with debilitating mental disorders.



I don’t need to hire an expert caregiver or a conventional band manager. I prefer working with women and men who are willing to learn, communicate clearly, and have fun! This work is exciting and rewarding as we are producing some very unique products and ideas.