Unpaid Student Internships For Credit


Job description: Production assistant
Duration: Throughout the next term or beyond
Compensation: at this time this is an unpaid internship, however compensation, stipends, and bonuses may become available during projects Click Here For Paid Work
Time needed: 5-15 hours per week
Skills required: Ability to communicate and follow directions
The following skills are helpful, but not required (there may also be opportunities to gain most of these skills)
-Animation and graphics
-Social media and marketing
-Small business management and organizing events
-Product production (disc duplication and silk screening CDs, T-shirts, etc…)
Project description: Projects range from on-location performance art, public events, and studio production
Markets: to share on youtube, vimeo, and other outlets; as well as marketing products on etsy and selling digital media
An interest in mental health and LGBTQ issues is helpful
Jason Ingram
AKA Fake Zappa
Sunday Driver Productions

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