Student Jobs Available


Job description: Administrative Assistant
Business: Sunday Driver Productions, Milwaukie, Oregon
Duration: Throughout the autumn term or beyond
Compensation: $15/hr. paid work without college credit, or an unpaid internship with credit (stipends and bonuses may become available during certain projects)
Time needed: 5-15 hours per week
Skills required: Ability to communicate and follow directions, as well as basic small business management and PR skills
The following skills are helpful, but not required (there may also be opportunities to gain most of these skills)
-Booking and organizing events
-Writing press releases and other promotional work
-Public relations
-Conflict resolution
-Social media and marketing
-Art/music/film publishing
-Small business management and organizing events
Project description: Projects range from on-location performance art, public events, and studio production – Administrative Assistant may be asked to work on other tasks such as product production (disk/cassette duplication and silk screening CDs, T-shirts, etc…) and event support tasks
Markets: to share on youtube, vimeo, and other outlets; as well as marketing products on etsy and selling digital media
An interest in mental health and LGBTQ issues is helpful
Jason T. Ingram
AKA Fake Zappa
Founder, Sunday Driver, LLC

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