Casting Call for Conversion Therapy Skin-Flick

“Daddy Bears on Young Twinks at Straight Camp”

Casting gay men for an erotic drama/comedy about guys hooking up at an anti-gay residential recovery program in rural Texas. Talent must be willing to act in sexual situations, however actual sexual contact is not required; although full frontal nudity might be captured. The goal is to have an “R” rating, depending on media outlets, and categorized as a “skin flick”, unless participants want to help with scenes for an unrated cut of the film. The project will also be documented, and participants are encouraged to be on camera for BTS clips to be used to help raise awareness about religious abuse among the LGBTQ community, mental illness, trauma recovery, and various aspects of gay culture.

Image from MENTOR program

Although a humorous concept, the subject matter is very serious. Talent must be willing and able to engage in scenes with saying prayers, worshipping, reciting the Bible, crying, self-harm, and suicide. The purpose of the project is to portray reality issues that most mainstream media and popular LGBTQ films refuse to show; attracting audiences using sexual imagery in order to create buzz about this controversial subject. The scripting is loose, although selected lines are required to be spoken verbatim for key scenes. Story is loosely based on real events, preferably focusing on situations that are not typically portrayed in stereotypical “gay” films. Producers are open to story ideas submitted by peers and talent. References to cutting edge (and “fanatical”) forms of christianity are included along with gay (niche) subcultures which can include everything from “bear” culture, pups and handlers, furries, crossdressing, chub & chaser, feeder/gainer, role-play, and various kinks.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

The concept was born out of a virtual discussion where the producer was talking to other ex-gay survivors about all the different forms of sharing his narrative. After being unsuccessful in various outlets and mediums, the idea arose to produce a film of this nature in order to compete with all of the popular media about this controversial subject that seems to do more to give an unrealistic perspective than showing how diverse and graphic conversion therapy stories really are.


The story revolves around what resembles a “halfway house”, where two to three of the younger men pair up with older men, including the leader of the program. The program leader’s wife runs the office and handles some of the therapy and other duties. (Female talent will also provide voice acting for phone conversations for two additional characters.) The film ends with most of the characters attempting or committing suicide.

Photo by Luis Quintero on

Shoots TBDSeeking auditions nationwide, preferably in regions close to South TexasTalent (upon being offered roles) unable to travel might be considered to send (usable) clips for final product



Lead and other production team members may be entitled to some compensation based on audition, experience, and draw

  • 3 to 4 “college age” slender to average build young men (no or minimum facial hair) also known as “twinks”
  • 3 to 4 heavyset older “bearish” men (traditional-looking facial hair is a must) preferably ages 45 to 75
  • Older woman, plus sized, middle aged

Average looking men please 
Couples are encouraged to apply – actors with actual rural American accents are a big bonus

Virtual auditions and all shooting require a talent release to be signed before being on camera

If interested, please CONTACT project producer

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